Accomplishments at from Perry Reid Property Management and Development

95% occupancy company-wide five years running!

  • Perry Reid Properties has maintained a company-wide 95% occupancy over the last 5+ years.
  • Perry Reid Properties also exceeds expectations with initial lease up. We can reach project stabilization an estimated 6 months early on most new developments.
  • How do we do it? A strong management system coupled with outstanding personnel. Perry Reid Properties takes its time in hiring the very best and it pays.

Met or exceeded all forecasted investor returns

  • There are many different returns that investors may seek when working in multifamily properties. Perry Reid Properties has provided higher cash-on-cash returns than forecasted as well as protecting cash distributions through the use of IRS recognized and approved aggressive depreciation and amortization schedules.
  • Perry Reid Properties has provided its tax-credit investors with more tax-credit than promised in almost every case. Even more importantly Perry Reid Properties has never lost a single tax-credit dollar for its investors.

Maintained all properties at the highest level possible while holding expenses to a minimum

  • It's one thing to provide a more than adequate return on investment but it's another achievement to maintain a property in pristine condition while doing it. Perry Reid Properties proudly displays the properties it manages in a condition equal to or better than the original construction.
  • How do they maintain the properties they manage in such good condition while holding down expenses? It again relates directly to an outstanding maintenance plan and the employees who are relied upon to carry it out.

Property Awards

  • Perry Reid Properties has received local, regional and national recognition for its capabilities and for the properties it manages. But they believe the proof of a great management company or a great property is in the everyday events that contribute to that greatness whether they are noted by an award or not.
  • Perry Reid has received awards ranging from the National Historic Trust to the City of Lincoln Urban Design Award designating its efforts in maintaining the urban fabric of the community. Today the Mansions at Hemingway has been nominated for a Paragon Award from the National Apartment Association and their corporate web site has been nominated as the best multifamily corporate site in the nation.