Partners of from Perry Reid Property Management and Development

Investor Partners

Perry Reid Properties has many investor partners ranging from the very large corporation or holding company to single individuals. They have cash investors as well as 1031 tax-deferred exchange. In addition they have many tax-credit investors. One of the managing members of Ridge Hollow Apartments in Lincoln, Nebraska, commented that "...our investment was costing us money before Perry Reid took over the property management. It is now producing a double digit annualized cash-on-cash return on our investment." In addition to the traditional investor partner Perry Reid Properties has partnered with several syndicators and private owners to assist them with work-out plans of financially struggling properties throughout the Midwest to make them a financially viable investment.

Financial Partners

Perry Reid Properties has developed financial partnerships with a multitude of financial institutions. These institutions range in size from the very largest (Fannie Mae) to smaller community institutions. They have a good relationship with publicly traded Tier One Bank and the largest privately owned bank in Nebraska - First National Bank - Omaha.

Resident Partners

Perry Reid Properties considers each resident of each of its managed properties to be a Partner in that property's continued physical and financial health. In providing excellent service to our resident partners coupled with professional on and off-site management these partners strive to keep each property operating at peak efficiency.

Professional Partners

Perry Reid Properties has developed long term relationships with multiple professionals ranging from lawyers and accountants to architects and engineers. A partnership bond has formed between these groups and individuals based on common respect. This enables Perry Reid Properties to engage new and ongoing management opportunities from a position of strength on behalf of their clients.