Services from Perry Reid Property Management in TX.


Perry Reid Properties provides a state of the art real estate management system through the expertise of its employees and through current management and accounting technology designed specifically for multifamily property management. Our management system will ensure up to date accounting and management reports based on the goals of the owners. Accounting and management reports are generated and provided to ownership on a monthly basis. The reports detail income and expenses, as well as variance information. The variety of informational detail available through these operating reports can greatly simplify individual accounting and tax preparation requirements.


Perry Reid Properties is committed to maintaining its cutting edge in the use of current trends and software in multifamily technology. The Internet and other current changes in multifamily technology allow Perry Reid to provide its clients with more precise information in a timelier manner. By utilizing current technologies we provide clients and residents innovative solutions to each of their unique requirements.


Perry Reid Properties staff enabled with current electronic technology is able to provide information and comparative studies on property operations, competing properties and other vital information to our clients in a timely manner. We analyze each month's operating statement for income and expense levels and budget variances to help bring forward the progress of each property and its management plan.

Operations & Maintenance

Perry Reid Properties, through its highly trained on and off site staff, provides value-added services in areas including maintenance, resident relations (resident retention) and marketing. We take our responsibility to oversee maintenance issues, energy conservation measures, the negotiation of service and supply contracts, the maintenance of administrative records, and monitoring requirements of governmental agencies very seriously. The completion of these responsibilities is a key component of each properties individualized management plan.


Leasing apartments, resident retention and achieving rent increases require a tightly controlled marketing strategy that consistently focuses on resident needs. Each property is expected to attain and maintain occupancy at a minimum of 95%, as is the historical Perry Reid Properties average annual occupancy rate. We have and will continue to accomplish this high level of occupancy through effective marketing and attention to detail in all aspects of the management plan. Perry Reid Properties works closely with all on-site staff to insure that all vacancies all filled and expiring leases renewed.

Service Contracts

Perry Reid Properties requires an on-going maintenance program at each property. We utilize select groups of service contractors and maintenance staff at each property who are regularly evaluated for scope of service and competitive pricing. Any and all contracts above a specified amount will be submitted to the owner for approval prior to the commencement of the work. All vendors must meet Perry Reid Properties high standards to qualify as a vendor.

Tenant & Resident Relations

Good resident relations are essential to achieve a successful real estate investment. Perry Reid Properties brings historic credibility to tenant relations by providing for:

  • one-on-one staff to resident first name relations in dealing with lease provisions and all other aspects of property operations
  • the effective implementation of operating policies
  • timely and equitable problem resolution
  • always an immediate response to resident requests

Perry Reid Properties management techniques ensure a positive resident relationship throughout the term of the lease and subsequent renewals and this means more and better resident retention.