Small Patio Design Ideas

Are you a bargain hunter? Well summer is almost over and now is the perfect time to start focusing some attention on our outdoor space. Stores are clearing out their summer inventory to bring in the back to school merchandise so let's go over some great tips that can make the perfect outside space. 

Your patio or balcony should be an extension of your home, it's the perfect spot to entertain friends or enjoy a meal.

Bring Your Indoors Out...Treat your outside environment much like you would your indoor environment, but have more fun with colors and prints than you might typically inside. Be comfortable with lounge pillows and furniture. They make so many colors and prints in weatherproof options now. 

Drink Station... All I can think about when I hear "Drink Station is Chris Janson's new song "Fix a Drink!" How cute of an idea is this Fold-Down Murphy Bar from ThisOldHouse? In honor of the drink station... and next time you fix your friends a drink you can hmm this little tune in your head.

I can fix a drink, pour it on ice
Mix it on up and get'cha feeling right
I can get'cha buzzed, I can get'cha smiling
I can make you feel like you're sitting on an island
I can make it fruity or I can make it strong
All you gotta do is tell me what you want
Put it to your lips, take a little sip
Tell me what you think, yeah
I can fix a drink

Lighting... Lighting is a must, rope lighting, holiday lighting, let your let your imagination wonder. Your lighting will set the mood for your space. Just remember no live or real candles.

Veggie Garden... Create a small garden whether for veggies or just for potted plants or flowers. This brings life and color to your space. They have great planter options from hanging, to trellis, did you know they have over the edge balcony pots? The options are endless. If you liked the clay hanging pots in the picture above, (here) is the DIY link to that tutorial. You may want to include a Lemon grass plant to naturally detour insects like mosquitos.

Statement Rugs... Outdoor rugs are usually cheaper to purchase than indoor rugs and especially at this time of year. Add Color and patters to our outdoor space with a simple addition of an outdoor rug, which is great for defining or adding character to a space. Hobby Lobby has been known to carry outdoor rugs once in a while at great prices.