The 15 Best Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners
Owning a pet can do wonders for our physical and psychological health, but sometimes our little housemates can make quite the mess. Below are some quick tips to help keep clean up after our four legged friends… Bathe Fido and his bedding Regularly – This one should be pretty obvious. Bathing your pets regularly (for that breed) plays an important role in the health of their coat and skin. It also makes them a little more pleasant to be around. The rule in my house is clean dog, gets a clean bed. Keeping their bedding clean will help eliminate some of that pet smell. Brush pets outside – By doing this, you allow the hair to blow way and it eliminates how much hair ends up in your home. Other animals such as birds and bunnies then use the hair for their nests. So really, it’s a win/win! Cover Furniture – This one just makes your life easier. Lay a blanket on your pet’s favorite spot on the couch or bed. When it’s time to clean it, all you have to do remove it and toss in the wash. That’s a lot easier than attempting to clean an entire couch! Vacuum and Sweep regularly – Vacuuming and sweeping regularly helps keep pet hair from floating around. It also helps keep it from piling up in carpet. One of the best tricks I have ever learned was to take a squeegee or your pets hair brush and run it through the carpet. You will be amazed at how much you pull up. I find the brush technique is extremely helpful on stairs and easier than dragging the vacuum up each individual step. Toys – Does your dog or cat have as many toys as a toddler? Pets can become bored seeing the same toys daily. To help keep pet toys at bay, get a small toy box or basket to store their toys in. This allows you to hide some so you can change them out when Fido appears bored. Fido Threw Up – Whether you rent or own, dealing with a pet who has gotten sick on your carpet is not always easy. First, remove all the large pieces that you can. Blot with the spot with vinegar or club soda then coat the area with an equal mix of Baking Soda and Salt. Let this dry, then vacuum up. Fact: did you know that pureed pumpkin can actually help sooth a dog’s upset stomach? Urine Stains – Best results if treated immediately. With a rag or towel, absorb as much of the urine as possible. This process is similar to the one above. Some say to soak a rag with vinegar and salt, I say spray some vinegar directly onto the spot, then try to soak up as much as possible again. Finish with your equal parts Baking Soda and Salt, allow to dry and vacuum up. Persistent Stains – Folex = Magic! You can thank me later! I heard about Folex a couple of months ago and this stuff is magic in a bottle. Stains are gone in just minutes, it is non-toxic, non-magnetic (stain won’t reappear where you prayed this stuff later), non-flammable, and best yet… odor free! “Marking of Territory” – Vicks Vapor Rub is the answer for this one. While you may not want to smear this greasy ointment on your walls. It has been proven to stop pets from marking their territory, and covers up whatever scent they may be smelling. Control Litter – Use a bar mat. They make mats with nickel size holes throughout. Place this mat under the litter box and with Kitty stops out of the litter box, excess litter will fall into those holes. For clean up just run your vacuum over the mat. Litter Odor – There is a litter out there for every cat person. To help cut back on odor from the litter box, change litter regularly. If you have multiple cats, make sure to get a litter formulated for multiple cat homes. Purify Air – Change filters regularly, if you do not have access to change the filter you can put in a work order with your community manager. You may be responsible for purchasing filters outside of normal maintenance changes. You can also purchase an air purifier to help keep the air clean and free of dander.