8 Air Cleansing Plants
Houseplant have been said to bring happiness to a home and make it seem more alive, but they can do so much more. Having plants in your home can help filter out toxins. English Ivy – Great choice for Asthma sufferers! Scientists and researchers have found that English Ivy is effective at removing mold and dog feces from the air. YES, if you have a dog they do bring feces pollutant in with them. Bamboo Stalks & Palm – Bamboo while it is believed to be lucky to have in your home it is also great at removing benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde. If you feel down on your luck and want to give Bamboo a try, the Feng Shui practitioners believe that the number of stalks represent different meanings. 2= Love, 3= Happiness, 5= Conveys Good Health, 6= More Happiness, 7= Lucky Number, 8= Wealth, 9=Good Fortune, and if you are really feeling green 21= Combination (Health, Happiness, Wealth, and Fortune). Fern – Ferns are naturally humidifying plants and remove several different toxins from the air. Aloe Vera – Often known for treating sunburns, Aloe plants also remove formaldehyde from the air. If you do get burned you can break a piece of this plant off and squeeze out the insides directly onto the burn. Spider Plant – This power house of an air filter made NASA’s top 3 plants in their air study. It does grow fast but for the most part is low maintenance. Peace Lily – Peace Lily’s are hardy flowing plants. They can remove airborne chemicals from cleaning products. It is suggested to keep this plant in a room you heavily clean like kitchens and bathrooms. Orchid – While this is one of the prettiest and most exotic plants on the list, it is not as hard to care for as some believe. Most suggest 2 ice cubes a week and no direct sunlight. Orchids release Oxygen at night and are great to have in a Master Bedroom or bathroom with a window. Happy greening up your home!