Can You Really Afford that Apartment?
Can you afford the apartment you want?
Well we have the tool for you! Use our helpful Rental calculator to determine if you can really afford the apartment of your dreams. When apartment shopping, it is important to ask what utilities are included with rent. Some properties include water, sewer, and trash; while others do not include anything. It is important to understand these costs, as they can quickly add up and change the amount of your monthly budget for rent. Do you have a pet or need a garage? These are just a couple of the additional charges that could affect your rent price as well so be sure to add any addition fees into your budget worksheet. Lastly calculate in, any additional expenses you have like credit card bills, car payments, student loans and you might want to budget in a food allowance so you still have money to eat! Congrats, hopefully you have completed the worksheet and found it helpful. Financial advisors suggest to stay around 1/3rd of your income for a monthly housing budget. Happy Apartment Hunting!